• HS: Radars to stay in Queensland police hands

    POLICE will continue to operate speed and red light cameras and conduct wide-load escorts because the State Government can’t find anyone to do it... Read More
  • CNET: Queensland police mapping crime scenes with 3D scanner

    The last we saw of Zebedee, it was being used to create a 3D scan of the interior of the Tower of Pisa in Italy. But it seems there's a lot more to... Read More
  • QT: Police call for bigger guns, technology to take on bikies

    POLICE have called for extra firepower to take on outlaw motorcycle gangs, saying their pistols are no match for rifle-wielding gang... Read More
  • GCB: Four bikies arrested in tavern brawl

    FOUR bikies, believed to be from the new gang Soldiers of Islam, have been arrested after a wild brawl at Mermaid Tavern this afternoon. Police... Read More
  • ABC: Police worried about carnage on Qld roads

    Police say most of the fatal crashes on southern Queensland roads this year have occurred in high-speed zones. A man was killed in a crash near... Read More
  • TB: Unsolved cases take toll on police

    TWO Mackay murders are among 12 that remain unsolved across the state. With investigations into the deaths of Timothy Pullen and Shandee Blackburn... Read More
  • CM: Police are urging residents to lock up to avoid burglaries while they're at home

    HIDE your keys and garage remote, and always lock the front door when you're home - that's the warning from Queensland's crime fighters.While armed... Read More
  • CQ: Police dog among those honoured at awards ceremony

    POLICEMEN, policewomen and even police dogs were honoured at an awards ceremony yesterday. Police dog, Tunza, and Sergeant Marcus Hahn were... Read More
  • CM: Queensland Police Union ready for a fight with Queensland Government over pay

    QUEENSLAND police are on a collision course with the State Government, with their union promising "one hell of a fight'' over pay.In an angry tirade... Read More