This edition of the QPU Christmas Journal 2022 was finalised and sent to our printing partners before the events of December 12, 2022.   

A future edition of the QPU Journal will honour and commemorate Constable’s McCrow and Arnold. 

General President & CEO
HQ & Support Region Roundup
Northern Region Roundup
Central Region Roundup
North Coast Region Roundup
Southern Region Roundup
Metro North Region Roundup
Metro South Region Roundup
South East Region Roundup
The deal is done
Commission of Inquiry
Wand Powers Extended
Paramedic Praise
Low Blow at Lowood
Ahoy Santa
Graduation Day
Moustache Riders
Measuring Up
Plaque of Remembrance
Last Ball Thriller
Gaining Training
Post Exposure Assistance to Blood and Bodily Fluids
Bike Winner
First Nations Invite
Police Administration Inquiry
Helping Yourself
Workplace bullying and Psychological Injury Claims
Awards Sunshine Coast
Police Health
Police Recipes
Coercive Control Inquiry
Notice to Members
Notice to Members