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ABC: Union lobbies for more Mackay police

06 July 2012

The head of the Queensland Police Union says he is confident of securing 10 new officers for the Mackay region.

Ian Leavers says he has had a number of talks with the Minister about staffing levels in Mackay and says 10 officers are needed immediately.

He says about 50 extra officers in total are needed.

Mr Leavers says the Mackay region is one of the highest priorities in the state.

"The central police region has been neglected for well over a decade," he said.

"It is unacceptable, it should have never occurred ... unfortunately there's no quick fix but if we can get some extra staff for Mackay, that is some first year constables and second year constables, that will go a long way to starting to solve some of the problems in the Mackay area."

Mr Leavers says he is confident the Minister will approve the request.

"Mackay has been neglected for a long time, it's an absolute disgrace but the Police Minister is talking to police on the ground as well as consultation with us as to ... the areas it is desperately needed - Mackay is one of those," he said.

"Ten is better than nothing, which is what we had under the previous government."

In a written statement, the Police Minister says he will work closely with the union to ensure Mackay gets additional officers.

Jack Dempsey says the region will benefit from a major recruitment drive over the next four years.

However, he says a final decision on where new officers will be based is up to the Queensland Police Service.