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PN: New website to open up government: Newman

12 October 2012

QUEENSLANDERS will be able to see where speed cameras are located in real time, on a new state government website overseen by a new assistant minister.

Premier Campbell Newman announced the open data revolution on Tuesday.

It will see government-held information posted on the internet, including emergency hospital and crime statistics, how much electricity schools use, and the location of buses, trains, ferries, and speed cameras.

"We're going to ask the Queensland police to regularly post where they're putting the speed cameras," Mr Newman told a budget estimates hearing at parliament.

He said the website would be an information revolution that could make corruption impossible and encourage the private sector to develop new services and solutions.

"In the past, governments gave away land to stimulate economic development. Now information is the new currency," he said.

"This is going to be a quiet revolution in the state of Queensland."

A new assistant minister, Ray Stevens, has been appointed to work with departments to gradually upload the information.

Only commercial-in-confidence information, confidential cabinet documents and private information won't be released.

Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk said Mr Stevens would be getting a 14.2 per cent pay rise for his new role at a time when the government was only offering teachers 2.7 per cent.

She said to save money the Minister for Science, Information Technology and Innovation, Ros Bates, should have taken on the job.

Ms Palaszczuk also said the website was a rehash of an idea developed by the former Labor government in February 2012.

She tabled the previous government's discussion paper on the initiative.

"It shows just how threadbare the Newman government's cupboard is when it comes to new ideas," she told the hearing.