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The Queensland Police Union Journal is an informative and lively publication that is provided as a service to members. It covers items of great interest on a professional and social level and is enjoyed by a large number of past and present Police officers locally, interstate and overseas.

If you feel you have a contribution that would be of interest to members in the form of articles, whispers, interesting stories, or have a question, please phone or email Andrea Appleton on aappleton@qpu.asn.au PH (07) 3259 1966.

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March / April 2017

March / April 2017

In this Issue

General President & CEO
General Secretary
Metro North Region Roundup
North Coast Region Roundup
Far Northern Region Roundup
Northern Region Roundup
Central Region Roundup
Southern Region Roundup
Metro South Region Roundup
HQ & Support Region Roundup
South East Region Roundup
Managing intoxicated offenders – a framework to support the development of best practice
Vale Tobie Wittleton
Book Review - Justice Denied
Police Recipes
From the Archives
Police Living
The Kristy ‘Cougs’ Cannavan Memorial Fund
Show Holidays During Leave
Flu Shots – Coming Soon!
The Plan to Put Our People First
Australasian Police Basketball Championships
The new Mental Health Act and its impact on police prosecutions
Protection for you and your family
From our wordsmiths
Police Health