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The Queensland Police Union Journal is an informative and lively publication that is provided as a service to members. It covers items of great interest on a professional and social level and is enjoyed by a large number of past and present Police officers locally, interstate and overseas.

If you feel you have a contribution that would be of interest to members in the form of articles, whispers, interesting stories, or have a question, please phone or email Andrea Appleton on aappleton@qpu.asn.au PH (07) 3259 1966.

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August 2014

August 2014

In this Issue

General President & CEO
General Secretary
Metro North Region Roundup
Far Northern Region Roundup
Northern Region Roundup
Central Region Roundup
North Coast Region Roundup
Metro South Region Roundup
South East Region Roundup
Vale Darren ‘Beefa’ Lees - 6 July 1969 – 8 August 2014
Police Legacy Race Day
Position SUL – What?! Point my gun towards the ground?
High-ranking police with no experience? – A potential disaster
Book Review - Room
Police Recipes
From the Archives
Police Living
Out and About
Criminal Law Amendment Act 2014
Police Health
Election Notice - List of Positions
Election Notice to Members