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The Queensland Police Union Journal is an informative and lively publication that is provided as a service to members. It covers items of great interest on a professional and social level and is enjoyed by a large number of past and present Police officers locally, interstate and overseas.

If you feel you have a contribution that would be of interest to members in the form of articles, whispers, interesting stories, or have a question, please phone or email Andrea Appleton on aappleton@qpu.asn.au PH (07) 3259 1966.

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April 2016

April 2016

In this Issue

General President & CEO

General Secretary

Metro North Region Roundup

North Coast Region Roundup

Far Northern Region Roundup

Northern Region Roundup

Central Region Roundup

HQ & Support Region Roundup

Southern Region Roundup

Metro South Region Roundup

South East Region Roundup

Women and Diversity Committee – Celebrate International Women’s Day

Police Powers under Commonwealth Law

Remembering Tottenham

Book Review - The Secret Chord

Police Recipes

From the Archives

Police Living

Injuries Suffered During QPS Sporting Events – Am I covered by WorkCover?

Police Health